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Choose a saddle for your horse !

For those who want to integrate the world of horseback riding but who do not know where to start, know that the first thing to do is to choose the saddle that suits his horse. This stage is essential as it guarantees the performance and the successes to come. Also, do not choose any saddle because each discipline corresponds to a specific type of saddle. How to recognize the saddle that suits your stallion?

Choose the saddle according to level and discipline

Each discipline is suitable for one type of saddle. Indeed, in dressage or obstacle course, the stools that must be used are completely different? We must not be mistaken because we risk failing miserably because of this bad choice. There are more hollow dressing saddles that ensure the rider's comfort and balance. For jumping, the seat must be less hollow but must be able to ensure the balance of the rider despite his movements. The second point to consider is that when you buy used antares saddles, they must match your level. For beginners the saddle the saddle must be hollow with handles. At more advanced levels, the versatile saddle may be suitable. It is characterized by a flatter seat. You can also buy training saddles or obstacle depending on what you want to practice.

Choose the saddle according to the morphology

To choose the saddle adapted to his horse, one must take into account its morphology. In this sense, the saddle and the padding of the seat must perfectly match the back of your stallion, this will allow him to have more precision in its execution and to ensure the straightness of its jumps. Then, the biggest parameter not to be neglected before signing the purchase contract is that your age is a key parameter. Size and age condition the saddle size you need to buy. You can ask your saddler for advice on this correspondence. It should not be forgotten that for quality stools, nothing beats those of the big brands, new or used, they will not disappoint you.

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